In a healthy worm bed the "crew" eats and eats and they are a lot like us in what happens next... they poop. This is what we  call worm castings or vermicast. Let's look at the positive benefits of this amazing natural product. It is one of the best fertilizers and soil amendments on the planet and its all natural! The "crew" eats the food and bedding and their digestive system adds essential nutrients including; nitrogen, phosphates, magnesium and calcium. They can also add many microorganisms to benifit the soil on many levels. It's very easy to use and you don't have to worry about burning your plants. Castings are water soluble and act as a slow release fertilizer for months.

 Vermicast has a shelf life of 2 years at a 90% strength for growth. It will lose approximately 10% of it's beneficial microbes in the first 3 months. It increases diverse microbial populations. It helps keep bugs at away due to it's chitase content, this is (Kryptonite) for bugs with exoskeletons. It will dissolve them, oh well, poor bugs. The bugs will sense the chitase and usually go elsewhere, they will know  there is no future in your garden.  Vermicast will keep those nasty pathogens at bay, it makes your plants stronger to hold them back like knights in shining armor.  Plants grown in vermicast will  be more disease resistant, healthier plants mean stronger plants.  Vermicast has natural hormones which makes for vigorous plant growth, fruits, veggies, and flowers generally start 2 to 4 weeks earlier and produce several weeks longer.  The plants yield more, bigger, and better tasting fruits and veggies, in some cases 50% more yield. 

Ladies, just think how that would look in your flower beds and potted plants. Your neighbors will be envious and want to know your secret, for that newly acquired green thumb. I can go on and on, and I will at a later date, this should be enough info for now to get you interested in at least trying a bag.  I know, I know, it sounds like I'm selling snake oil, and blowing smoke, to good to be true, all we ask here at Organic Underworld is you buy a bag and see for yourself, you will become a valued customer, coming back over and over. 


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